Tour of our school

This is footballthe view from the football pitch in our school playground. You can see part of Reay golf course, the harbour and towards the Pentland Firth.



Here is our general purpose room. We use this room for various

general purposeactivities; such as physical education, assembly, drama, school lunches, our Christmas party, art, crafts and for shows. The walls are decorated with our work, in this photo the room is decorated for Christmas.


Our computer suite was originally used as classroom. However, now it is used for ICT, as a base for support for learning, listening activities, reading and various group activities.

This is the infant classroom (Room 1) at present primaries one, two,infant three and four are taught here. Their teacher is Mrs Adamson. As you can see they have been busy decorating their classroom.

Room 2This is Room 2, this room is used for various activities.

Here is primary four, five, six and seven’s classroom (Room 3).P4567

Their teacher is Mrs Calder. At this stage in the school students are taught French, which can be seen on the blackboard and on the birthday chart.

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