Pupil Council

A Pupil Council is:

  • A way of giving pupils a say in the way the school is run
  • Gives pupils an opportunity to talk about our feelings to each other and to our teachers
  • Gives pupils a chance to make changes for the better in our school
  • Provides pupils with a forum for discussion

Making changes

The Pupil Council must be realistic about what we can do. Some things we can change, some we can’t. Also we can’t change all the things pupils want at once and this involves a lot of negotiation.

What kinds of things have our Pupil Council discussed?

Recent points discussed have been:

  • Supporting Charities 
  • Playground equipment
  • Ideas for after school clubs

Elected members

Pupils in P3 to P7 are eligible for election to this council, they are elected by the other pupils in their class.

Pupil Council web


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