Shortbread Making

Primary 4-7 made shortbread for the Burns ceilidh. The shortbread making was great fun. We made different shapes and sizes. Hopefully the senior citizens and grandparents liked it.

Michaela (P6)

Christmas Party

Everyone got dressed up nice to go to the Christmas party. It was fun and everybody played games and there was great music to dance to. Everybody enjoyed the party.

Adam (P6)

Nativity Play

Our Nativity play was called ‘Hey Ewe’. Everybody had a part. We went to the church and Achvarasdal to perform. There were lots of songs. The main part was a sheep. Our nativity was very funny and everybody laughed.

Samantha (P7)

Fish Tasting

Primaries 1-7 participated in the SNAG fish tasting day. We made our own fish burgers and tries lots of kinds of fish. We voted on our favourite fish. Fish burgers won by lots of votes.

Josh (P5)

Christmas Cake Baking

Primary 1 to 7 took part in a Christmas cake baking class. The first week we made the cake. The second week we covered the cake with marzipan and fondant icing. The last week we decorated them with icing shapes and ribbons. I think everybody really enjoyed the Christmas baking.

Lucy (P6)

Goblin Car

Every second Thursday Alan and Brian from Dounreay come to our school to help the primary 6s and 7s build a car. When the car is finished some of us will go down to Alford to race it in a Green Car Competition. We have lots of fun making the car and we learn a lot too. I helped make the front axel and put the wheels on. My favourite tool is the ratchet, it makes a funny clicking noise.

Stacey (P7)

After School Fitness Club

Primary 1-7 got to participate in Reay School’s after school fitness club. We played lots of games and had a great time. The two helpers were Jill and Carly. They had lots of ideas for games and fitness exercises.

Lauren (P6)

Police Talk

At assembly the police came in and talked about safety with fireworks, bonfires and riding at night on your bikes. They let us see their handcuffs.

Chloe (P7)


On Halloween the whole school dressed up. I though Anna should have won but Jay won, he did have a good costume though. Out of the big class I though Karla should have won and she did win. Everyone’s costumes were brilliant!

Stacey (P7)

Brittish Heart Foundation Skipping Day

Primary 1-7 took part in a skipping marathon for the brittish heart foundation. We skipped around the school grounds. We all collected some money on an old takeaway box and we all put the money on a giant heart. We raised £141.30

Sarah-Jayne (P6)

African Drumming and Dancing

On the 16th of September a group of African Drummers and Dancers came to our school. The whole school took part in this event. Some of them taught us a dance and other taught us on the drums. It was so much fun!

Karla (P5)

After School Rugby Club

Primary 4-7 do after school rugby. We played lots of rugby games and our coach is called Kane. We played Tag rugby and I scored lots of tries.

Rebecca (P5)

Safe Highlanders

Me and the other P7s went to Safe Highlanders. It was really fun and we learned lots of things. There was lots about internet safety and animal cruelty. There was a picture of a kitten with its head stuck in a can. My favourite thing was the computer safety.

Mary-Ann (P7)

Creeping Toad

At first we got told a story then we made our own little story books. We made pop up story books. I had fun making the story boards.

Rolo (P5)

Rugby Lessons

Primary 4-7 did rugby lessons at the school. We learned how to pass the ball properly and how to dodge people. We also took part in a rugby tournament at Millbank. We won most of our games but even though we didn’t with the whole tournament we still scored lots of tries. I really enjoyed doing the rugby lessons and the tournament.

Lucy (P6)

David Hunter’s Shadow Puppets

For the shadow puppets we had to go into groups. We made a play with the puppets. We had black silhouette figures to move and a white sheet with lights behind it to make the shadows show up. I really enjoyed using the puppets.

Aaron (P5)

Wood and Paper Topic

We learnt about how to make paper. On TV we saw a special machine that cut up the wood and turned it into paper. There were lots of machines with lots of big chainsaws too.

Bart (P7

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